Sick from the Split (Single + Meditation)

by Ben Thomas



released July 26, 2019

"Sick From The Split" written and performed by Ben Thomas. Mixed by Stephen Lee Price in High Point, NC. Mastered by Dave McNair at Dave McNair Mastering

"Sick From The Split - Meditation" written and performed by Ben Thomas and Ms. BrightSea with Daniel Bertsch. Mixed by Ben Thomas.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Sick from the Split
All the monotone collapse
Empty static from my disconnected past
Catching up with me at last

I've been wide awake in bed
Splitting hairs upon my wall of china head
Oh the colors I've been dreaming
They've been haunting me

I know we tried to figure out
How to crack the crack the code and circumvent our doubt
Now my habits act like air

But now i feel it my chest
Call it sickness from the split
My lips confess
All my classified and calcified containers

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